Saturday, April 21, 2007

Storm Holdovers Gone; No Replacements.

The last three days have been slow, slower and slowest. Only four, new banded birds today with but two recaps (although one of the new was a SY Brown-headed Nuthatch). The migrants which were trapped here during the NEer have departed in the gentle evening breezes which have prevailed here since Thursday. This morning was calm, cool, damp and quiet at dawn. Until a southerly wind brings in some replacement migrants, it is likely to remain the same. A group of Catbirds and Ovenbirds would be nice.

One new species was banded yesterday, a female Prairie Warbler. Other images show an alternate plummaged, SY male Myrtle Warbler, a recaptured SY Pileated Woodpecker (banded earlier this season) together with a look at the equipment which allow him to climb vertical surfaces with such ease (with tail assistance).

A south wind would be wonderful.


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