Tuesday, April 17, 2007

All's Well and Active.

I visited the banding station mid-morning to check on the nets, net lanes and banding table. Everything was in good order and secure.

On the walk in and out along Long Creek I came upon a number of feeding flocks composed of gnatcatchers, parulas and Black and White Warblers. There were also groups of chickadees, Brown-headed Nuthatches, titmice and kinglets. The banded Osprey and her mate were by the nest and they looked to have survived the blow, which is slowly moderating. Our nets will re-open on Wednesday morning.

Perhaps there have been additional migrants brought in by the storm. A quick look at www.birdingonthe.net yields some interesting possibilities: tanagers and grosbeaks are on the eastern end of Long Island, for example!

Snowy Egrets are now numerous about the marshes along the Creek. A group of 12 Glossy Ibis flew overhead. The Horned Grebes were no longer present, but the Buffleheads, mergansers and Common Loon continue. The Green Heron remains as well.


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