Thursday, April 26, 2007

Are There Fewer White-throated Sparrows at Your Feeder Today?

It was a cool 52 degrees and the wind was in the east before dawn, but the chip calls of White-throats were everywhere as I opened the nets at 0540. I placed a dozen birds in bags just walking back to the banding table before the first net run was to start. Eight of them were White-throats!

The station has been open for six weeks this spring. During that period exactly two White-throats were netted. No Tom Peabody songs were heard. Today, forty-six now sport some bling. Yes, White-throats are on the move. And they are everywhere in the First Landing State Park today. In the leaf litter, on the shrubs, in the sand trails--there are sparrows foraging and singing.

There were three new species today among the 82 new banded, 5 recaps and one hummer. The station was so busy I only took an image of one—a Blackpoll Warbler. A Veery and a Blue-headed Vireo were the others. In all the activity, the fourth Pileated Woodpecker of the season was just another avian. More tomorrow.


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