Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Do We Have a Trend?

The tally today was 42 new banded, 3 recaps and 2 hummers (released unbanded). Twenty-three species, of which seven were new for the season, were handled with able assistance from volunteers Renee, Kathy and John. All went smoothly on the net lanes and at the banding table. Highlights of the day were season's first Yellow-breasted Chat, Wood Thrush, Hooded Warbler, Red-eyed Vireo, Brown-headed Cowbird, Northern Waterthrush and Black-throated Blue Warbler. Seven Swamp Sparrows led the day followed by four Northern Parulas and four Northern Waterthrushes. Get out your field guide to ID the new species pictured. Hint: the last bird shown is a female and has yellow undertail coverts.

As the daily numbers rise, more able assistance is needed at the station. If you have extracting or scribing skills, kindly contact me at caspiantern at or Dr. Bob Reilly at rjreilly at


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