Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Week That Was.

Weather conditions have caused the banding station to be closed the past three days, Sunday-Tuesday. High winds out of the NE coupled with occassional rain and showers have kept the nets closed. The winds damaged the tarp at the station and blew limbs and debris into some of the net lanes and nets. Repairs and cleanup were undertaken this morning. The wind is down just now, but the forecast is for rain showers again tomorrow morning.

On last Thursday, Dr. Bob Reilly and Renee operated the station. They handled two new species for the season--- Blue Grosbeak and a Magnolia Warbler. On Friday and Saturday, there were no new species banded and many recaptures netted (including Thursday's Maggie, pictured). When the wind gets out of the NE later this week, we should be in for some big days. Flycatchers, orioles, cuckoos and more warblers---such as a Yellow and Wilson's, have yet to be ringed this season. Perhaps a Cape May?


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