Friday, May 18, 2007

Feels Like April.

This morning it was overcast, wind in the NE and lightly raining as I walked to the station. After opening the most sheltered nets, conditions only became more raw and damp for the birds. Following two catbirds and four bandits (male Common Yellowthroats), I closed up and returned to quarters.

Yesterday was a rainout, blowout day, although Renee and John took me for a soft-shell crab sandwich lunch at Bubba's! I recommend the fare and location at Lynnhaven Inlet.

Wednesday was quite productive, although a strong SW wind left many nets closed. Temps in the mid-80s slowed things down by late morning. Sheila and I banded 47 new, with 5 recaps, of 13 species. Yellowthroats outnumbered catbirds 16 to 14, with Blackpoll Warbler next at seven. Highlights of the day were a season's first Bicknell's Thrush (we measured everything) and ASY female, Indigo Bunting, pictured.


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