Friday, May 11, 2007

Disappointing Days.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday have been slow days yielding no new species for the season and few total birds; fifteen on Wednesday tops the list! Renee, Sheila, Cindy, John and Brian have each joined me at the station hoping for an influx of migrants. Each left disappointed. Today, Yellow-billed Cuckoos were seen and heard as were Blackpolled and Yellow Warblers and Red-headed Woodpeckers, but their numbers were few and they were high in the tree canopy.

We did have our first, female, Black-throated Blue Warbler today, but she seemed a bit stressed, so she was allowed to fly off unphotographed. The Veery and the male Ruby-throat pictured will have to do. We are still looking to the south for a brisk wind, clear night and new migrants.


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