Saturday, April 4, 2009

Too Busy to BLOG !!

Greetings, finally. March has been a very busy month at FLSP. Station setup occurred over the last two days of February. A nor'easter rearranged things over the next two days. Terry Jenkins and I put the pieces back together. Battery problems (essential for the station computer) cropped up; periods of wet weather were followed by days of cold, frosty weather.
The first weekend of the basic banding skills class came and went. And old banding friends from New Brunswick and Ohio visited FLSP for a few days before Bob Reilly and I followed them to the Eastern Bird Banding Association annual meeting, held this year in Chincoteague. Bob and I gave a presentation concerning CVWO activities at Kiptopeke and First Landing. We did band a few birds. More on that shortly.
Welcome to the 2009 blog. Consider visiting us at FLSP some morning between now and May 31. Simply follow the signs in the Park from the trail center road. If you cannot, we will keep you posted of what is going on.

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