Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bluebirds, Galore!

During my Bahama "absence", Kurt Pederson, good friend and excellent birder, reported large flocks of Eastern Bluebirds on Long Creek Trail this winter. Kurt was correct. Six bluebirds, including a recapture from 2009, found the warming "C" nets as late-morning became noon on March 2d.

Bluebirds are loyal to each other when a member of the flock is in distress. At first, two birds were found in net C3; both were calling. As I took the first out, two more birds became entangled. While I took the now four bluebirds out, three others vocalized and flew back and forth above the net scolding me. The group quickly re-united above the station as I banded and released the four. An hour later two more bluebirds found net C5 and the process repeated itself except that no additional birds were caught. ASY female (top) and male are pictured. The male is the 2009 recapture.

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